Ayurveda a transcendental science.

 Ayurveda is an ancient science that has become relevant over time, this science dates back more than five thousand years, it channels energies and covers millenary knowledge, these energies provide stability between mind, body and spirit, This science is based on the traditional medicine of India, we must bear in mind that among the diversity of the ritual of Ayurveda they have been anchored to modern society, thus leading to its acceptance by the World Health Organization, to Although the beginnings of «Ayurveda» have occurred thousands of years ago because its efficiency has not diminished, we must also bear in mind that its acceptance has increased in excess, since it has fostered spiritual support in many of the patients in order to promote their mental and physical development, taking this into account we must know that «Ayurdebra» is a set of traditions which can help us to de develop and improve our health.


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